Touched By LaFone

 LaFone Cares

       Born, Rosalyn LaFone and raised as a Jersey girl. With a passion for beauty from the very start. Countless stories have been told from family members on how she would mix baby powder and crayons to make eye shadow at the tender age of four. As well as how she learned how to braid at age ten.

       While being raised by her father, LaFone didn't want him to do her hair anymore. So Roger (LaFone's father) took her to the local salon when she turned ten. This day was the day that started it all. As LaFone was getting her hair done she was so amazed at how women would arrive at the salon and leave looking totally different. LaFone's hairstyle that day was an weave ponytail. She paid close attention of how the style was done. When she reached home, LaFone took that ponytail out and oh boy was Roger mad. But little did he know, LaFone redid the style and did a very good job at it. Roger was so proud. He invested in her passion, brought a mirror, chair, and some hair supplies. Put a little station in the basement and let LaFone go. She would practice over and over on her own hair. Her sister is twenty two years older than her and she would come over and pay LaFone to do her weave ponytail. Next thing you know she was playing in all the little girls hair that lived on the block. Keep in mind she was only ten years old. 

      By the time she reached high school she was already working in a salon as shampoo girl and assistant. The high school LaFone attended had a cosmetology course and this allowed her to graduate with her licence. That's all she needed! Fresh out of high school she knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry. 

         Years later not wanting to just do hair styling anymore LaFone put her love for healthy hair to work. In 2012 she decided to specialize in only Natural Hair Care. Leaving harsh chemicals alone and going back to mixing natural ingredients together to make products that grow and maintain her client's hair. Not only are her clients loving her "growing hands", but they are also respecting her ability to tell them NO. LaFone will not do a hair-style if the client's hair is not healthy and strong enough for that style. 

      The love for professional makeup artistry came back in 2010 as LaFone always had a gift for art and beauty. The beauty in making women feel amazing with just a few strokes of a makeup brush is the best feeling for LaFone. She has had the pleasure of working on films with celebrities, weddings with brides, on runways with models, and so much more. Her biggest joy is working with everyday women, teaching them easy ways to make them look and feel even more beautiful. 

      2020 was a drastic year for us all. Life-changing! LaFone took this year as a sign to reinvent herself and her brand. After years of being on her feet every day. Back pains, hand problems, and a miscarriage LaFone decided to retire from being a full time stylist in a salon. Today LaFone lives in Pennsylvania where she only does on-location bookings (traveling to her clients) and Saturday booking at a New Jersey salon location. Weddings is her specialty as well as teaching about healthy hair care. LaFone launched her natural hair care line (LaFone Cares) and is selling out worldwide.