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LaFone Holmes embarked on development towards natural hair products in 2015 after years of turmoil from becoming frustrated with beauty supply shelving products that promote natural products but, have chemical preserved ingredients.     

       On a passionate quest towards a growth serum and development of hair care maintenance; LaFone researched and studied ingredients that could help boost and promote natural course hair. 

        Manufacturing concoctions from fundamental ingredients such as Shea Butter, Raw Honey, Jamaican Black Castor Oil just to name a few. Free samples were given to individuals for product testing and the results were a success.

       Participants achieved an overall significant improvement in their hair. Thereafter each individual inquired about purchasing products for use at home in ounce sized bottles. LaFone realized this was the perfect opportunity to start a production company that caters to YOUR HAIR.     

LAFONE CARES helps others reproduce growing hair that can be maintained and manageable.

LAFONE CARES is a hair enterprise with natural regimens for all hair texture;



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