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   MakeUp Artist, Hair Stylist, Photographer   

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Hello my Care Bears. I have added another natural stylist to Touched By LaFone VIP Studio. She will be located here at my location and she has her own set hour. I worked very hard in finding a stylist that I could trust with my brand as well a my clients.I have known her for over 10 years and I am proud to say that I am happy with the stylist I picked.  Her name is Carly G, You can read more about her on the "Pick Your Stylist" page. 

We now have two available stylist

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Mother-Daughter Week: January 7-11 we are doing something special for Mothers and Daughters. Come in for your service and your daughter's service is FREE.  Ages 5-13, one child only (if more than one must pay regular price for additional), and weave is extra. When booking an appointment it is important that you place "Mother- Daughter Week" in the note box.